Sunday, February 18, 2018

Teach In Florida



Teacher Support Resources

The Florida Department of Education recommends the following professional support resources for beginning and veteran educators:

Just For Teachers

Just for Teachers is a Florida Department of Education initiative intended to open the lines of communication between Florida educators and the Department. Visit the Just for Teachers home page to learn about Department initiatives and to sign up for monthly newsletters.

Florida School Leaders

Florida School Leaders website is the Florida Department of Education's primary portal to professional learning resources. The site has eight major sections - each on a different PD focus. The "Start with Success" section provides a wealth of resources for beginning teachers, their mentors, aspiring educators and substitute teachers. The Learning Library section has over 100 online courses supporting professional learning.

Learning Communities

Professional learning communities can have a large impact on school culture and teaching practices. Learn more about the principles of effective learning communities and how you can benefit from participating.


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